Line marking isn’t something that most of us think about all that often.

It’s so integrated into the environment around us that we often just forget it’s there.

But just because we don’t notice it, doesn’t mean it isn’t important. In fact, line marking is absolutely essential for the safety and operation of so much of our modern world.

Here are four examples which show exactly that.

1. Airstrips

At airports and airstrips, line marking is used to guide and direct airplanes and other vehicles. This is all to help the takeoff, landing and taxi process run smoothly, safely and speedily.

It’s vital that the marking be clear, visible and durable so that the lines and stencils are able to withstand the heavy traffic and keep people safe.

2. Roads

Most of us interact with road markings every day without even realising that we do. This goes to show how integrated these markings are in how we view our streets and highways.

From dotted lines, to turning arrows to parking bays, all these markings we create work together for the safety and efficiency of drivers and pedestrians alike.

3. Bike Lanes

As more people opt to ride bikes in place of cars, particularly in urban areas, bike lanes have become an increasingly more common part of our streetscape.

The clear delineation between road and bike lane helps reassure and give riders confidence in their safety, while also giving drivers the peace of mind that comes from not having to navigate a shared road.

4. OH&S

The OH&S markings in warehouses and factories are some of the most important line marking work that we do.

It creates a clear boundary between the safe and the hazardous, reminding people to follow the necessary precautions around dangerous machinery and vehicles.

Line marking is vital for safety and efficiency.

Because of that, it’s important that when you’re choosing a line-marking provider, you are confident that the service will be clear, durable and safe.

We at Brighter Lines can guarantee that confidence.

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